From the Herald

Here you can read the Misnomer articles The Badger Herald foolishly lets us print in their pages.

October 31, 2013


Matt & Kim Replaced

Pinterest vs. Greek Yogurt

Local Trick of Treating


October 24, 2013

Conversations in Halloween Candy Bowls

Drunk David Bordwell reviews ‘The Shining’

What we’re looking forward to losing at Freakfest 2013

St. Paul’s church asks homeless to donate

Freakfest Word Search


October 17, 2013

Alert: Flaming Aliens Attack Bascom Hill

Engineering Majors Marry in Engineering Hall

Girls Excited About Spiral Staircase

Drunk Blonde Responds to Guy who Dumped Her Friend

Infograph – Who’s Still Leaving You Voice Messages?


October 10, 2013

Edgewood Student Explorers Discover Lake Mendota Terrace

Famous Quotes From People When They Were Depressed

Timely Warning 7 Day Forecast

Professional Football Player Completely Respectful to UW Band

Man Mauled During Acid-Induced Lion Attack


October 3, 2013

Piccolo Pete to Release Debut Album Soon

Stupid Ads, Stupid Phones, Stupid Freshman

Bikers they Stop for No One

The Madison Misnomer presents: UW Time-Outs

Madison Library Renovations (Extended Exclusive Version)


September 26, 2013

Zimmerman playing Humans vs. Zombies

Getting to know U….W! Lori Berquam

Triple Major Reconsiders Goals

Freakfest 2013: Will Be Better Than Last Year

Beaten Wheat is an Evil Cruelty


September 19, 2013

An Open Letter to the Daily Cardinal About Fake News Fridays

Drunk David Bordwell Review

Getting To Know U…W!!!: Abe Lincoln Statue

Freshman, you don’t get the 90s

Sororities Found to be Ultra Progressive Lesbian Communes


September 12, 2013

Only in it for the Money

Friends tough to spot at Terrace

Getting to Know U…..W! Gary Anderson

UW band member eats rock, dies

A freshman’s guid to navigating the Kollege Klub


September 5, 2013

Misnomer Editor Victorious in Madison

Entire Student Section Arrested

Getting to know U….W! Becky Blank

A Missive from departing Chancellor David C. Ward

Misnomer revealed as Harold

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