Mission Statement

The Madison Misnomer should represent  a unified voice that critiques and comments on current political, cultural or social phenomena and issues. We  present opinions that might not otherwise be heard in a way that is smart, funny and relatable to students at UW-Madison.

We seek to create a collaborative working environment where writers can work and improve upon their creative writing skills and provide an outlet of publication for varying genres and styles of humorous, satirical writing that can include varying mediums beyond print.

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Editor in Chief :: Supreme Overlord

Eric Wiig

Managing Editors

 Joel Thomas, Matt Huppert, Kathleen Mallett

Copy Editors

Heather Vogel, Ben Heins


Meg McMahon

Social Media Team

Joel Thomas, Matt Huppert, Kaden Greenfield, Jenna Wroblewski

Multi-Media Producer

 Adam Yafai 


Maurissa Myers, Heather Vogel, Nicole Lang, Benjamin Heins, Trevor Clementi, Michael Ramuta, James Holden, Dylan Silberfein, Matt Stone, Ryan Kimbrell, Shelby Greenwaldt, Jenna Wroblewski, Zach Druckrey, Kaden Greenfield, Zoe Devorkin, Jackson Reed, Jed Hobson, Evan Conley, Jeremy Kogan, Greg Markman, Matt Hoyer, Andy Stoiber, Megan Wisniewski, Heather McAnulty, Austin Albert, Jack Manning, Allie Viti

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