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Chancellor Blank’s plan to expel all out-of-state students leaked

An anonymous member of the Board of Regents has shared with the Madison Misnomer, Chancellor Blank’s five-step plan to expel out-of-state students and make the University of Wisconsin student body filled only with Wisconsinites. Attn: Board of Regents Governor Walker’s actions have put the entire Wisconsin Idea in jeopardy, and all our economic issues are … Continue reading


Your guide to the Terracists

It’s that time of year again! As the weather gets warmer, your least favorite Terrace patrons emerge to make your experience just a little shittier. Here are the various sentiments and signs of a Terracist you’ll find at Memorial Union on any given warm day: “I’m saving all seven of these seats, sorry.” “It’s my … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Die-In at Operation Freshman 15000 unsuccessful, delicious

A collection of students gathered for a record-breaking attempt at making the World’s Largest Rice Krispie Bar this past weekend at Engineering Mall on theUniversity of Wisconsin campus. The efforts of this group, known as Operation Freshman 15000, were successful, however the attempt to peacefully disrupt this effort to bring attention to racial inequity and disparities in the … Continue reading